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who am i?

You may be wondering “didn’t she already say who she is on her homepage?” and yes, I did. But this introduction is going to be a little bit less formal and more about, well, me. The photos above this post are a few pictures I’ve taken over the years that I feel encapsulates the energy of my favourite things. I LOVE to travel, as most people do, and most of the photos above are from when I went to America in 2017. One of my main bucket list items is to move to New York City as I love the culture and “vibe” it has. The only photo not from New York is the one overlooking a mountain. This photo was take from my friends backyard back home. I love my friends and appreciate my time in high school so much more because of them. This blog is mainly going to be a portfolio for my uni work but I’ll try to throw the odd “passion post” in every now and then. If you want to stay updated on my posts or other social media’s, follow the links below and subscribe to this blog. I promise that things will get a lot more interesting as time progresses but for now, this is what I’ve got. Thanks for reading up until this point, you deserve a gold star, and have a great day!

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