an apple a day

Algorithmic control II: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control

This week we looked at algorithmic control and open vs closed software. Apple is a closed software and has total control over the platform, users and content. The brand perception and user experience is influenced and controlled by Apple. Android is an open software and provides open access to independent platforms, users and content. They rely on users taking responsibility for their independent choices unlike Apple. I decided to conduct a poll on my Instagram to show brand loyalty and how people’s opinions of a brand is completely influenced by the perception projected by the brand itself. I also decided to create a gif that related to both the topic and the results of the poll I conducted.

One reply on “an apple a day”

Hi, Annie!
First of all, I loved the title of your blogpost! A really clever spin on this week’s topic! And intrigued me straight away!
You made it super easy for someone like me who was confused about the topic initially a super easy and simple explanation that allowed for it to make more sense in my head. I loved it!
I also loved that you were engaging with your Instagram audience to conduct what product preference your audience has! It was engaging and nice to know and understand that lots of people do prefer Apple and that you could back it up with your evidence!
I am loving your blog posts this semester! I cannot wait to read more.

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