for my fbi agent

Algorithmic control III: Privacy, Surveillance, and the Price of Content

We are constantly being monitored whether it’s by government applications or platform algorithms attempting to determine what kind of toothbrush they should market towards us. People often say that we have a right to privacy, especially in regards to social media platforms and the free use of our own personal devices but oftentimes those same people blindly agree to platforms terms and conditions giving them the ability to invade your privacy. Although despite this contrast, we do generally have a right to privacy when it comes to our information being sold without our knowledge, just like what happened when Cambridge Analytica offered more than fifty-million Facebook users information to the Trump presidential campaign and many other clients. There was a joke going around social media not too long ago that FBI agents are constantly watching our every move through our devices cameras. This was the inspiration for my remediation which is a meme outlining that idea. 

3 replies on “for my fbi agent”

I really like the direction you took in this blog post. You really helped further my understanding of the topic, which assisted me in writing my blog post. Your remediation was a really good meme and fit the topic well, linking it to your title and main focal points.

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Ive always wonder if my FBI agent thinks about me… But nice blog, it had really good take on the topic and help me understand the topic. Also making me further question myself on if Siri is herring my revenge plots

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