have you been paying attention?

So, online classes. 

Some people prefer them but personally I’d much rather be on campus, in a classroom with other students. This is because I’ve found it so easy to be distracted in online classes as there’s really nothing stopping you from going on your phone and checking social media, opening a new tab to scroll through some clothing website or just exiting the virtual classroom as a whole. 

I started to wonder if maybe I just had really bad self-control or were other people finding harder to focus in online classes than in person classes. First I read through some articles to see if this was a global issue and turns out, it is. It seems that many tutors and teachers are struggling to keep their students attention during online classes. A reason this is happening was explained by Dr. Alice Holland, who is a clinical neuropsychologist, as she said “the brain is not designed to learn from the screen, the brain was designed to learn from human interaction and explore the natural environment.” (NBC 5 News, 2020). I also decided to do my own research and tweeted out the following poll;

The poll shows that 76.9% of respondents agree with the statement that online learning has limited their ability to pay attention in class in comparison to in person classes. Although I find this topic really interesting, for the purpose of my 212 research report, I think it’s a bit broad.

Because of this I have decided to base my research topic on two different perspectives; students who have had both in person and online classes, and people who have only had online classes. I’m interested in the difference of opinion where one group bases their opinion on past experiences and the other group on assumptions.

There are many factors and variables included in this topic which is why I think separating it into two sections and then comparing them would be beneficial. I’m really interested in this topic and am looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding as to how other BCM 212 students relate to this research.


Balancing Screen Time, 2020. [TV programme] NBC 5.

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