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am i authentic?

My sense of self on Instagram I’ve never really been the type of person who’s constantly posting on their social media accounts and updating their statuses as I never thought anyone really cared about me and what I had to post. When I was younger my monthly or bi-monthly post on Instagram usually consisted of […]

what happened in Libya?

The use of citizen journalism through social media in the Gaddafi regime Citizen journalism is the form of journalism that is produced by people who are not professionals in a participatory and democratic manner. This type of journalism is also referred to as guerilla journalism which effectively and succinctly conveys the root of this style; […]

dear meredith grey

Grey’s Anatomy and its popularity Before learning about media and societies, I always thought that popular culture was just whatever was trending at that current time. Although not completely wrong, I was definitely overlooking the value that popular culture provides our understanding of societies and the way they work. This sparked a thought about what […]