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for my fbi agent

Algorithmic control III: Privacy, Surveillance, and the Price of Content We are constantly being monitored whether it’s by government applications or platform algorithms attempting to determine what kind of toothbrush they should market towards us. People often say that we have a right to privacy, especially in regards to social media platforms and the free […]

an apple a day

Algorithmic control II: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control This week we looked at algorithmic control and open vs closed software. Apple is a closed software and has total control over the platform, users and content. The brand perception and user experience is influenced and controlled by Apple. Android is an open software […]

what do you meme

Algorithmic control I: Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry This week we looked at intellectual property and the content control industry. Copyright allows for creators to be acknowledged for their work which encourages them to create more as they have security in knowing they will be credited. Copyright is becoming increasingly difficult with platforms […]

ryan reynolds lives in a simulation?

Internet paradigm IV: Hyperreality, Simulation, Spectacle This week we looked at hyperreality, simulation and spectacle to understand controlled reality. I decided to make a meme about the movie “Free Guy” starring Ryan Reynolds. Free Guy is similar to the video HYPER-REALITY by Keiichi Matsuda as they both use animations and graphics to present an alternative […]

jeffree vs james

Internet paradigm III: Framing and the Construction of Perception This week we looked at the construction of perception and how media schema can help us understand perceived influence. I was quite excited when I saw that we were going to be discussing schema as I had covered this topic in high school in my psychology […]

i cheated the algorithm

Internet paradigm II: Distributed media and Meme Warfare This week we continued to look into the internet paradigm and more specifically into media distribution and meme warfare. We talked about different modes, production and distribution of content. I decided to focus on the platform Tik Tok as it has become an extremely popular platform to produce […]

q & a

Internet paradigm I: Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence This week we looked into the internet paradigm and how audiences interact and communicate with media content and platforms. I asked my followers on Instagram to send me questions and I got quite a few responses. I decided to do this as to show a different approach […]

my beta

I’m going to be honest, I’ve had a hard time committing to just one idea for my digital artefact. I tried so many different things but couldn’t find one that I enjoyed doing or could see myself expanding and monetising. Because of this I have decided to keep trying new things but in the meantime, […]

glitch culture and vapourwave

Medium is the Message (the logic of digital production and the network economy) This week’s lecture expanded on the concept of “the medium is the message” that was discussed in week 3. Tutorials this week focused on digital production and the aesthetics of a message. We were instructed to use sites such as PHOTOMOSH and […]

it’s how you say what you say

Medium is the Message (the internet paradigm) Week 3’s lecture was all about the medium is the message… yeah wrap your head around that one. On face value it makes sense, right? If the medium is the message then the message is the medium, or rather it’s IN the medium. Canadian professor Marshall Mcluhan gave […]

my da pitch

So, my digital artefact. I’ve decided to run a Depop page reselling thrifted clothes as well as an Instagram page to help market the Depop profile. I will also be posting YouTube videos document the process as well as my general university experience. I’m really interested in fashion and marketing, and I feel as though […]

my digital artefact ideas

Depop Reselling YouTube Channel Beauty & Skincare Themed Instagram Page Aesthetic/Pinterest Themed Instagram Page Travel Inspired YouTube and Instagram Podcast About Music I Like

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