bcm 206

this is my last hurrah

Project Summary For this semester’s DA I wanted to create a project that I thought filled a gap within content creation. I was starting to listen to podcasts and noticed that I just couldn’t pay attention to a whole hour of someone talking at me nonstop. Because of this I conducted some research through which […]

watching mike wazowski

The Internet of Things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces This week’s lecture was all about IoT’s (Internet of Things) which is a system of interconnecting devices and objects that are able to communicate data through networks without human interaction. The concept sounds quite daunting at first but once you start learning about real life […]

how big is your trojan

Dark Fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar In this week’s lecture we looked at botnets which are internet-connected devices running one or more bots. They can be used to perform a number of tasks such as stealing data and sending spam. Botnets sometimes use a Trojan to access a computer, which as the name suggests means […]

online affairs

Anonymous Resistance: hackers, lulz and whistle-blowers In this week’s lecture we looked at hacking which is a method for “breaching defences and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network”. The word “hacking” is usually used in a negative way as it often refers to the unauthorised access to or control over a network system […]


Networked Insurgencies: Social Media Revolutions & Meme Warfare Memes are often overlooked as a simple form of comedy, just some funny picture floating around the internet. Meme’s are a lot more powerful than you might first believe and can be used to influence behaviours through mediums such as social media. This process is often referred […]

the glow pod: revisited

My DA Beta Pitch For those of you who don’t know, my DA this semester is a podcast called The Glow Pod. I decided to make this project after trying to find a podcast episode I thought I’d like that was under 40 minutes. I had trouble finding any under the 20 minute mark and […]

they’ve got FAANGS

Feudalism 2.0: living in the information stack Feudalism was a concept developed in Medieval Europe of the combination of legal, economical, military and cultural customs. Essentially “it was a way of structuring society around relationships that were derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labor.” An example of feudalism would be […]

how expensive is your attention?

The attention economy & the long tail effect This week’s lecture discussed the idea of the attention economy and the long tail effect. As a marketing student I was specifically drawn to the idea of the attention economy, especially the article written by Lexie Kane on this topic.  The way designers market for our attention […]

the ooda loop

The chronic task of sorting: information flows & liquid labour This week we discussed the chronic task of sorting: information flows and liquid labour. One concept that stood out to me was the OODA loop. OODA stands for observe, orient, decide, act and is an approach used to make appropriate decisions in a short amount […]

like a girl

Civilisation of the mind The term ‘cyberspace’ was originally introduced by science fiction but is now used by technological strategists to describe the process of communicating through computer networks. People can use cyberspace through concepts such as emotional marketing, as an advantage. Emotional marketing is using an audience’s emotions to influence them into purchasing or […]

The Glow Pod

Digital Artefact Project Pitch My digital artefact is a podcast called The Glow Pod. I came about this idea because I realised, I always have to rewind podcasts I’m listening to because I drift off after 20 – 25 minutes or so. I wondered why this was and found out the average attention span for […]

saved by morse code

The evolution of communication Communication is constantly evolving and has come a long way from its inception, especially in the past few decades, but arguably one of the most revolutionary evolutions of communication came from the invention of the electric telegraph. The electric telegraph transmitted signals through wires from one location to another and then […]