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drama alert

Media Industries & Ownership I’ll be the first to admit I don’t keep up to date with current affairs as much as I should be. The most I watch the news is when I’m walking through the kitchen whilst my dad cooks dinner watching The Project. I do however like to stay up to date […]

something’s fishy

Representation vs Interpretation It is important to look beyond an image and to be able to interpret what an image means as well as what it physically represents. One way we can improve our investigative abilities is to discuss the denotation (representation) and connotation (interpretation) of an image. For example; in the image below there […]

I got crushed in a mosh?

So, I love music festivals. I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t like at least one type of music festival whether it’s EDM, Country, Folk or a mix of everything. Something about how everyone is in the same place to appreciate and watch the same thing brings me a sense of peace and togetherness. […]

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